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Riddleworks Enterprises Targets - AR 500 Gong, 9"x9"x3/8", Neon Orange Paint, w/Square Holes For Carriage Bolts, For 7.62x39/308/223/30-06 & More

Our AR 500 gongs are cut from 3/8" plate and measure 9"x9". These plates weigh nearly 9 lbs. and are designed for larger rounds. The steel can withstand impacts from 7.62x39, .308, .223, .30-06 and more when used at the appropriate distance. With a loud sound that verifies you've hit your target, these plates assist you in practicing both close and long-range shooting, improving accuracy and becoming a more effective marksman. For 7.62x39, .308, .223, 30-06 and more positive reaction of sound and movement square holes for carriage bolts - no tools needed neon orange powder coat 90 day warranty manufactured at our facility in Canada