Hornady Dangerous Game Rifle Ammo - 375 Ruger, 300Gr, DGX Superformance, 20rds Box

Hornady Dangerous Game Rifle Ammo - 375 Ruger, 300Gr, DGX Superformance, 20rds Box

Hornady Dangerous Game Rifle Ammo - 375 Ruger, 300Gr, DGX Superformance, 20rds Box
Manufacturer part number: 82333
Manufacturer: Hornady
375 Ruger 300 gr DGX® Superformance®
Test Barrel (24") Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs)
Trajectory (inches)

Like Nothing You've Ever Shot Before!

The 375 Ruger is one of the most practical, hardest-hitting cartridges EVER for large and dangerous game. Cutting edge cartridge geometry and technologically advanced propellants enable the 375 Ruger to exceed the performance of the benchmark 375 H&H. When fired side by side with the 375 H&H with 24" barrels, the NEW 375 Ruger delivers 170 fps more velocity from the 270 gr load, and 145 fps from the 300 gr loads!* Even when fired from a shorter 20" barrel, the 375 Ruger still delivers ballistic performance that exceeds the 375 H&H.

Featuring a newly designed rimless, beltless case, the 375 Ruger has the same head diameter as "belted cases" but a greater case capacity due to its increased body diameter. The best part is the fact that it is the same length as the 30-06, so it can be chambered in any standard length action.

Over the past several decades, the names Hornady and Ruger have become synonymous with “The Best”. The 375 Ruger is no exception.

  • Exceeds 375 H&H performance
  • Smoothest feeding dangerous game cartridge on the market
  • Field proven terminal performance

The 375 Ruger will set new standards for African big game rifles and ammo in three loads for every situation:

  • 270 gr. SP-RP — Perfect for longer shots; up to 300 yds.
  • 300 gr RN Expanding bullet that transfers energy quickly, and creates a large wound cavity while delivery excellent penetration. A perfect choice for dangerous game that requires devastating energy to incapacitate.
  • 300 gr FMJ-RN — Copper-clad steel jacket ensures penetration on the toughest animals in the world; first time, every time.

Item Number82333
Weight2.04 lbs
H.I.T.S. # (100 Yard Value)2434
Ballistic Coefficient (G1).275
Sectional Density.305
Test Barrel Length (inches)24
Caliber: 375 Ruger
Manufacturer: Hornady

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