Friends of RG

In this area we will feature some good friends of Reliable Gun.

"These are people with the heart of a teacher, that are KNOWLEDGE and SERVICE centered.

 They act as mentors to better our community and are people that you should feel comfortable

reaching out to, with any question that you might have."

                                                                                              ~Nicholas Chee

About Us

Firearms safety is serious, but learning doesn't need to be done in an intimidating environment. Let Silvercore show you how learning how to safely control and use a firearm can be enjoyable.

With locations across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, Silvercore provides excellent resources to all skill levels and experience.

Services Provided

~CFSC/CRFSC (Canadian Firearms PAL and RPAL Courses)~

~CORE (BC Hunting)~

~Various Live Fire Courses(Excellent Hands-on Courses For All Levels of Shooter)~

~Bear & Predator Defense~


~$49 Yearly Membership allows for ATT Purposes including $10 million in North America wide liability insurance for all hunting and shooting activities~

And Many More...

To Find Out More Please Visit Them At

As hunters we have a deep respect for the animals we harvest and the process of the hunt. We all started somewhere, we learned, we adapted and absorbed everything we could to be our personal bests. Some of our close friends have created a new tool in mentorship. was created as a database of hunter knowledge, to help us share that knowledge. Very proud of these guys and honored to be a part of it. Please like, share and follow these wonderful people!

The EatWild team is passionate about their food. Sharing their tradition of hunting and gathering with a new generation. We are not just about game meat, but about community, slow food and a harmony with nature. Click to learn more about our team!

Whether you want to begin your journey to become a hunter or are an experienced old bugger looking to share that knowledge and join a like minded community.  EatWild brings people and traditions together.


For more info:

Learn to hunt with EatWild. CORE Vancouver and PAL Vancouver Certifications, fun events and workshops. EatWild represents the modern food movement, slow food and healthy, ethical meat.

Learn many useful and fun skills with our workshops. Learn how to butcher an animal, make sausages, tan a hide and many other fun, practical skills. Enjoy an enjoyable evening with like minded people and walk away with a new skillset.

Participate in a three-day field skills development workshop in the heart of BC’s Grassland country. Immerse yourself in the hunting lifestyle with experienced hunters to help you learn skills. Learn navigation, game hunting, survival, butchering, shooting and other skills neccessary to harvest your own meat! 

Please check out their website and follow them on all social media!